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What is a boiler? Things to know


A boiler is simply a vessel in which fluids such as water is heated. When you hear the word boil, it doesn’t mean that the fluid boils. The fluid is normally vaporized through different processes and used in different ways. When the water is boiled, its volume increases. That leads to a lot of pressure or a force that is almost like an explosion. Due to that, a boiler is termed as a dangerous vessel and should always be treated with much care. The water is heated to a gaseous state in the process known as vaporization.

What makes it work?

For the heating to be effective, the water is always on one side and the hot gases on the other side. All the parts of the boiler that contribute a lot in the making of the steam is normally part of the heating surface. The heating surface of a combi boiler is always expressed in meter squares. For the boiler to work more efficiently, it must have a larger heating surface.

Parts of a boiler

Any given boiler must have three parts. One of the parts is the steam system, the second is the feedwater system and the third one is the fuel system. The work of the feedwater system is to provide water to the boiler.it also works by regulating the water to meet the demands of the boiler. Thesource of feed water is the stream that condenses from the other processes as well as the raw makeup water.

What does a boiler do?

In any central heating system, the boiler is the most important part. It has a continuous supply of natural gas that is responsible for the heating of homes. If you would love to heat your home or workplace, you have to switch on the boiler with an electric switch. When the switch is one, a valve will open and gas enters into a combustion chamber that is normally sealed. The gas usually enters the boiler through so many small jets. After the entry, an electric ignition responds by setting them alight.

What are the components of the boiler?

Boilers are known to have three main components. Below are the main components of a boiler.

  • The boiler feedwater system. The water that converts into the form of steam is what it is called the feed water. The feed water is further regulated by the feedwater systems. Feedwater systems are into two. One is the open field water system and the second one is the closed feedwater system. Raw water is one of the water sources while the condensed water is the second source of water.
  • The boiler steam system. This is another component of boilers. The main control system of the boiling process is called the boiler steam system. They work by collecting all the steam collected in the process of heating. 
  • The boilers fuel. Another component is the boiler’s fuel. This is the fuel feeding part.
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