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What Are the Warning Signs That a Water Heater Unit Is Going Bad?

A water heater provides homes with a steady supply of hot water for bathing, washing dishes, and doing laundry. These units last around ten years before needing to be replaced. With a company like KBC Plumbing they would like to warn homeowners regarding the signs they should look for to know their unit is going bad and needs repair or replacement. Being aware of the signs will allow homeowners to be proactive and seek repairs before their unit stops working entirely.

Important Warning Signs of Hot Water Unit Problem

When a hot water unit is not working as it should, there are multiple signs that may begin to occur. Ignoring the warning signs will only lead to increased problems. One of the most common problems people notice is a lack of hot water. The water heater may stop producing hot water entirely, or it could produce a limited supply that runs out quickly.

Another common sign of water heater problem is clanging and banging. As the inner lining of the hot water unit begins to break down, this leads to problems with the elements. As the metals that are floating around touch the elements, this creates the clanging and banging sounds. These sounds are not normal and should never be ignored.

Sometimes, a water heater will begin to release cloudy, rusty, or smelly water. If the taste, color, and smell have changed dramatically, the hot water may be full of metals. It is important homeowners have their unit checked when this sign is occurring. They should not use their hot water source for cooking or drinking because it is contaminated with the liner materials.

Hot water unit repair should only be carried out by the professionals who have been properly trained to perform repairs and new installations. Trying a DIY approach can lead to serious injuries, including burns. It can also mean the unit is not properly installed so it is not safe to operate.

What to Expect from Repair Services?

When a technician comes out, they will have all the diagnostic tools available to properly diagnose the unit. If repairs are needed, the technician will inform the owner of the repair issues and the costs. If the unit is unable to be repaired, the technician will inform the homeowner of their options and costs for replacement.

Most water heater repairs can be carried out the same day. These plumbers also offer emergency hours when a unit goes out and needs immediate repair. At the onset of signs of problems, homeowners need to immediately call for repairs so they can be carried out before a full breakdown.

While hot water units can last for many years, they are not free from problems. Common problems include leaks, heating element damage, and liner corrosion. When these issues arise, seeking professional plumbers will ensure the work is carried out to exacting specifications so homeowners will have the reliable hot water supply they need in their home. A technician can be called to come out right away for repairs.

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