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What are the Various Professional Landscape Bendigo Services Offered?

Effective and timely landscaping services are needed for proper maintenance as well as aesthetic improvement of your property, and to improve the curb appeal of your home. Know about some of the top services that are offered by expert Landscape Bendigo professionals these days. 

Lawn Mowing

Most of the mowing contracts, on an average, include as many as 28 to 32 mowings. The prices of mowing services often include blowing off of tough surfaces, edging and string-trimming, to name a few. 

Leaf Removal

In most contracts, this type of service may be customized in order to reflect the expectations of clients. Some people need just 1 – 2 visits every year. Clients who find build-up of leaves between visits need to call up their contractor more often. Some people like to have as many as 7 removals in the Fall, in order to ensure that their property can stay pristine all through the season.  This is a completely customizable option. 


Generally, this is carried out 1 – 2 times in a year, based on the contract. Many people find mulching to be visually aesthetic. However, this type of service has many horticultural advantages as well – such as retention of water, minimization of weed and insulation of roots. 

Seasonal Display

It may include annual flowers for the different seasons – Fall, Summer and Spring. This can include holiday lighting and holiday greens as well. These kinds of services can make landscapes more impactful, and more exciting to look at in changing seasons. 

General Bed Detailing / Maintenance

This type of service includes removal of branches and leaves that are turning brown, monitoring of the same, removing spent blooms, removal of debris, control or trimming of ground-cover, weeding and much more. This type of service is a must-have, given that it helps ensure that the curb appeal of yards is maintained all through the year. 

Lawn Protection and Feeding

Lawn chemical programs keep the turf nourished, and can keep it safe from many diseases and pests such as various fungal diseases, brown-patch and grubs. Most of these programs involve 5 –  7 steps, and are applied at a proper time of the year to keep the turf protected. Turfs are also affected by irrigation and weather patterns. Thus, these should be considered along with the turf program. At times, during very wet seasons, extra applications are required when moisture related problems have to be controlled.

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