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What are some of the types of sheds?


If you think that buying a shed is a very simple thing, you are wrong and mistaken. Buying of a shed is not an easy task especially when different choices are awaiting you. If you are a beginner in sheds, you should know that there are different things to consider when choosing a plastic shed. One of the things is the type of shed. If you still do not have any clue what they might be, here is a detailed explanation of different types of sheds.

Wooden shed

The first type of shed that you should know of is the wooden shed. Just as the name suggests, these types of sheds are made of woods. The common type of shed that is being used to make these types of the shed is spruce or pine. The two types of wood are also the cheapest. Another type of wood that is used is cedarwood. This wood is of very high quality and it is long-lasting as well.

One advantage that wooden sheds have over the plastic sheds is, wood is natural material and the temperature inside the shed is always consistent. One disadvantage of wood is that it expands and shrinks as a result of moisture content within the wood. Weather conditions are always a major contributor to the contractions and expansions.  

Many wooden shed manufacturers make sure that the shed comes with a wooden base that is treated with wood preservatives as well. After making your purchase, make sure to treat the wood again with water-resistant treatment. You should do it annually if you do not want to lose your shed sooner than you expected.

Metallic sheds

The second type of shed today is the metallic sheds. Just as the name suggests, these types of sheds are made of metal. They are the types of sheds that are resistant to rot. When you consider this type of shed, you will not need to worry about maintaining it so often like the wooden shed. Some of these metallic sheds come with anti-rust and anti-fire properties. Although they require little maintaining, these kind of sheds are not that good during summer periods. Reason being, they become too hot during summertime and too cold during winter. When the weather is scorching, there is a probability that the shed will condense. That is very risky because it can lead to corrosion of the metallic shed.

Plastic sheds

Plastic sheds are the easiest types of sheds to assemble. The good with them is that they will never rot. They do not rust and will save you the headache of looking for the right treatment. All you need to ensure is that the plastic sheds are positioned in a manner that is secure enough not to blow over. Today, so many people prefer plastic sheds because they are not that hectic to handle. Maintaining them is also very easy and sometimes no maintenance is needed. 

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