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Types of Automatic Gates

Choosing a gate can be difficult because most of the people don’t know what they actually need for their home. There are many different types and some of them just work better for some areas. You can’t place every type at any place because it won’t be that efficient. When you find a beautiful design you need to figure out what type of mechanism it will be using. Most of the companies will help you out with it but it is best when you are well-informed.

The price for each type of gate will be different but some companies that focus on creating one or two types will give you lower prices for them. This is why it is great to do research before hiring someone to set your automated gates. Most people will look only on the design because that is the first thing that you will see when you visit someone but the mechanism behind it is very important.

Automatic Slide Gates

There are only a couple of types of automatic gates that are mostly used. When it comes to commercial sites, mostly used is the sliding gate system. When a swing gate isn’t able to function properly then you have to go with this type. This type is also divided into 2 types: cantilever sliding and tracked sliding gates. The first one is constructed from steel or aluminum beam. If the tacked sliding gate can’t function because of the incline in the road, then you use cantilever sliding.

The majority of gates are tracked sliding gates. They have wheels that are set on the beam. It allows a smooth motion and it is very practical. Because you use a motor for it, it could be a big problem if you have an incline in the road because it can overwork. If you compare the motors between sliding and swing gate you will realize that sliding gate has a motor that is harder to install. It much depends on the gate size. Always use a recommended motor if you don’t want to have problems in the future.

Get more information here: https://www.doityourself.com/stry/installing-the-track-for-electric-sliding-gates

Automatic Swing Gates

Like the name says, when being controlled by an access panel or remotely, the gate swings open using a couple of motors. Some of the most expensive houses have this kind of gate because it is much more efficient for a larger gate. It is even easier to install and cheaper. Most professionals will recommend that you install them to go inwards into the property but that usually depends on the area.

The installation isn’t complicated you only need to follow the instructions. You will need 1 or 2 metal or wooden gates that will adapt to the area so it can open properly. If you want to operate from the vehicle then you will need a remote control. You’ll also need two gate operators that have an engine which opens the gate. Each automated gate has a control panel where you can set the options. If it happens that your remote control doesn’t work, you will need to do it manually over a numeric keypad or intercom. To prevent any accidents, you can use a pair of photoelectric cells that have sensors which detect your vehicle.

Types of Swing Gate Motors

The first type that can be used for single swing and paired is the above-ground ram. It is a great electro-mechanical operator that can be used for both metal and wooden gates. It’s most recommended for people that have heavy gates that go over seven meters in width. A great thing is that you won’t need any digging. You will only attach it where it will open and close the gate most efficiently.

Above ground articulated arm is the second above-ground motor which is best used when the first type can’t operate normally because the pillar of the gate is too large. If you have a pre-installed gate, you can still use this type of motor.

If you don’t want to ruin the aesthetics of your gate, then you should use an underground gate operator. It has the same features of other types but it can be more expensive because you need to dig in the ground and place it correctly which should be done by a professional.

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