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Tips to Selling Property in Arizona

Arizona is seeing a strong real estate economy across the entire state. When it comes to your home, you might be wanting an upgrade or even just a change. So, you might think it is a good time to sell your property.

First, you need to work with not only a trusted realtor but also a trusted Arizona real estate attorney. Remember, selling property can be complex and you will need someone to help deal with all of the documents and legalities. 

Steps to Take to Prepare Your Property

If you have decided now is the right time to sell property in Arizona, get set up with the right realtor and the right attorney. For the ideal situation, you will want to work with a realtor and attorney who have worked together in the past for a smoother process. 

Next, get a comparative market analysis and set an attractive price. This means you should do your research, look at the completion and speak with the professionals to determine what your property is valued at and try to get the most for it. 

Once you have the price set, now is the time to prepare your property to attract potential buyers. You may need to repair or replace things on your property for a more successful sale.  

When you get an offer, you will want to consider all of your options and try to negotiate if needed. All of this can take up to 60 days to finalize. 

Next, it is time for the home inspection and appraisal before the final touches are placed. This is when you will also need to get all of your ducks in a row with your documents including the disclosure statement.

The disclosure statement is one of the most important documents needed in this process. This is where your attorney will play a big role. Be honest and forward about every detail regarding your property. You will want your attorney to review it to make sure it is accurate and complete. 

Benefits of a Real Estate Lawyer

Since selling your property can come with many risks, including legal disputes, you want an experienced real estate lawyer on your side. They will be able to deal with all of the legalities and documents, including any changes to any terms or conditions, issues with the titles, and real estate taxes.

Since real estate attorneys are not motivated by the sale price, you know that they will be working on your side for the right reasons. Not only will a real estate attorney protect your rights, but they will also make your best interest their top priority. 

Working with Murphy Cordier PLC

If you are going to sell your property in Arizona, you want to work with a local and knowledgeable real estate attorney. The team at Murphy Cordier PLC will be working closely with you during the process and work diligently and aggressively by your side. Serving the greater Phoenix area in Arizona, Murphy Cordier PLC specializes in real estate law, assisting you and providing you legal guidance through all of the stages of a real estate transaction.

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