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Tips For Choosing Modern Bathroom Faucets 

Modern bathroom faucets come in a wide variety of styles and finishes for consumers. They bring a sleek contemporary look to your bathroom fixtures. Our faucets are made of brass and copper with different finishes. The right style faucets in the bathroom sink or tub and shower area contributes to the ambience of the bathroom. Keeping your faucets, similar to what you already have in your bathroom is your least expensive option. A local plumber can help you choose the best faucet style, before you make a purchase. There are usually two types of faucets to choose from. They are single handle faucets and double handle faucets. Both types of faucets have many advantages.

Single Handle Faucets

Single handle faucets are popular with customers because they are easy to use and inexpensive. When you choose a single handle faucet, only one hole needs to be drilled or cut in the countertop. The new technology gives you control over the hot and warm water. They have cartridge values that control the flow of the water and how it is mixed. This type of modern bathroom faucet saves space, by taking up less room in the bathroom.  The handles on the faucet control both the water pressure and temperature. Many have aerators that add air bubbles to the water.  This style is one of the most popular choices.

Double Handled Faucets

Double handled faucets make it easier to control the hot and cold temperature of the water and the water pressure. These types of faucets have two handles one for hot and the other for cold water. They may be easier to install depending on what type of faucets you currently have. This type of faucet requires three holes to be cut one for the faucet and two others for the handles. Most modern bathroom double handled faucets come in the wide spread configuration. They have two handles separate from the spout in the middle. Many of these faucets come with a water saving cartridge.

Chrome or Black Matte Finish

The finish on faucets today are very durable due to the new methods used to bond the finish to the faucets. These finishes resist rusting, scratches, and tarnishing. Chrome is one of the most popular finishes. It is economical and fits many bathroom styles. Matte black is another popular finish. You will find the basic color black goes well with almost any bathroom design. Chrome has a slightly bluish tinge and is easy to clean and wears well. Chrome shows water spot and needs to be wiped often.  A black matte finish is easy to clean and does not show finger prints and smudges easily. You will like the fact that these faucets always look clean. It gives your bathroom a natural look. It goes well with most colors

When deciding on the style of facets you want take into consideration, what you are replacing, and the budget you have to work with.



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