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Things to know about basement waterproofing in Toronto

Basement waterproofing is done on the exterior of a house or building in Toronto to safeguard the concrete and basement walls which are below ground level. Even though a concrete basement may appear like a hard surface, but it is actually porous.

Hence, it is important that you hire a reliable basement waterproofing Toronto company who will give you directions to protect your basement and foundation with an exterior and interior waterproofing application. It is damp proof and helps to keep the soil moisture out. It keeps both moisture and water out from the basement.  A good basement waterproofing system will protect it in three ways:

  1. A waterproof membrane is affixed to the exterior basement wall surface below the ground level.
  2. A drainage may is affixed to drain the water from the basement
  3. A sump pump is installed to pull the water to a drainage location

Once the complete waterproofing system is installed in the right way to keep the moisture away from seeping in the concrete, your basement is protected. It is a permanent solution for a Toronto building and is completely practical and possible.

Why should you go for basement waterproofing?

Without right waterproofing, the concrete will absorb water. A wet basement will freeze and thaw during Toronto winters. It can lead to cracks and flaking in the concrete surface. If this begins, water will seep in further and cause more damage to the structure.

The foundations of ancient Toronto buildings are cracking and bulging because of the corrosion of the steel bars which are present in the concrete slab. This is the reason why waterproofing systems are important to seal and safeguard the basement of a building from water absorption.

Foundation damage is a serious concern and quite tough to fix. If you have any kind of leakage or flooding in your basement, it may cause critical foundation damage. And often foundation damage leads to foundation crack which leads to the growth of mildew, mold and bacteria which may be a threat to your health. The moisture level of every basement is different and hence the destruction level is different. The cracks and foundations damage devastate the material of the building and cause great damage to the structure of your building. All in all, the major 5 reasons why you should waterproof your basement are

  1. To lower the risk of flooding
  2. To keep your basement try
  3. To low moisture
  4. To lower foundation damage and cracks
  5. To protect your home from structure damage

How often should you go for basement waterproofing Toronto?

If the basement waterproofing is done correctly with correct products, it is a permanent work. The only time the waterproofing would require repair is if your sump pump or drainage system doesn’t work in the right manner.

If you have got basement waterproofing done and it was done appropriately, make sure you keep your drainage systems maintained and look out for dampness signs in your basement. In case, there are any problems, you should immediately contact Waterproofing PD for consultation and inspection.

Oliver Beau Martinez: Oliver, a home security expert, provides recommendations on security systems, safety tips, and ways to make homes more secure.