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The Kind of Rugs You Would Prefer

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A room without rug, just like without curtains, is a bare room. The rugs Salon add warmth, they give comfort, dampen noise, something to keep in mind in areas where we watch TV and meet with family and friends to chat, and isolate themselves from the cold. On the other hand, the rugs also serve to delimit the spaces and in the current floors in which the living room, dining room and even kitchen usually share space, they zone the living room and visually separate it from the rest of the room. You can have the handmade rugs from Tibet  available now.

What is the ideal size for a living room rug? 

You have to be very careful with the size when choosing a rug for the living room. Size is very important in order not to lose harmony, as a very large rug in a small space can make it seem even smaller, and one that is too small can make the room look disproportionate.  

Measure the room keeping in mind that there must be free space to open the doors without them meeting the obstacle of a rug. This way you will know the maximum space you can have. Then, the ideal is, with painter’s tape, mark on the floor where you would like to place it and what size you would like. Once done, walk away and look at the whole space together. You will realize if you need to make it smaller or you can even make it bigger. It’s a trick that works. 

The shape of the rug is also crucial. You have to choose it in harmony with the environment. If the living room is long, an elongated rug will do well and if it is square, a more square one. You can also play with round or irregularly shaped rugs if you are looking to give a touch of originality.

How to place the rug for the living room?  

Is the sofa leaning against the wall? Choose a rug slightly wider than your sofa and place it in such a way that the front legs of this (and the armchairs, if you have them) rest on it.  

Is the sofa in the center of the room? Choose a rug that “collects” all the main pieces of the living room, that is, both the sofa and the armchairs and poufs should be inside the rug with all its legs on it, as if it were a stage. 

Do you also want a rug in the dining room? If the living room and dining room share space in your living room, and you also want to decorate it with a rug, the ideal is that it occupies so much as to cover the floor even when the chairs are removed from the table.

  • Jane rug in mint green for living room
  • Jane rug for living room with sofa in the middle
  • Jane gray rug for dining room in pink

Our advice: measure the table and add 60-70 cm to each side. That will be the minimum size of your rug (and the maximum, that it does not reach the wall). And another detail to take into account: the shape of the rug must be the same as that of the table so that the whole is harmonious.

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