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The Hall room and the Right Arrangement of Furniture Items

The hall gives the first impression of our house, because it is here that we and our guests first of all get to. And such a place should look stylish, comfortable and cozy. Last but not least, these impressions depend on the furniture used in the design of the room. We offer you to figure out which options for furniture for vestibules are most relevant in our apartments. From GegComfort you can get the best options now.

Classic is always relevant

Classic hallway furniture models are usually made from solid wood, or, in some cases, from lumber with the manufacture of elements from chipboard or MDF panels from solid wood. Such hallways look monumental and elegant, and in conditions of low natural light create a feeling of warmth and coziness.

The standard equipment for such headsets is a wardrobe, a chest of drawers with drawers, hangers for outerwear, a shelf for shoes and a shelf for hats in the upper line, a mirror, often in human height, a stool or ottoman. Often, a pouf is combined with a cabinet for shoes, if it is not provided as an integral part of the cabinet.

Hallway with corner cupboard

If the hallway is very small in size – it makes sense to choose corner furniture. Unlike the classic headset, which is located along a long wall and takes up a lot of space, it compactly fits in the far corner of the room. Such a set will perfectly include all outerwear, hats and shoes – precisely due to the increased depth of the corner cabinet. The corner of the room with a small area is used as useful as possible, while the classic arrangement of furniture does not use it. Such an entrance hall is much more compact and convenient, although somewhat smaller than the standard one.

White headset

With a small floor space, you can visually expand it using light-colored furniture. Moreover, the brighter it is, the larger the space looks. True, such furniture, due to the function of the room, is easily soiled. And therefore, artificial materials are more suitable for its execution – they are much less capricious when cleaning, especially when wet. As a rule, such hallways are designed in an unobtrusive and at the same time airy “high-tech” style or “loft”.

Upholstered furniture

There is also upholstered furniture in the hallway. Yes, this is not a full-fledged sofa, much less a bed, but ottomans for changing shoes, a small bench or shoe stand with a soft seat. By the way, such elements with decorative, but practical upholstery will add entourage to the room. But their practical function is extremely simple: it is possible to change shoes near the front door, which means that less dirt can be spread to the rest of the premises.


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