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The Choice for the best Fireplace Mantle for You

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The mantel of your fireplace is a functional element at the base, but brings a true style and character to your interior. A living room can be transformed thanks to a rustic mantel. Depending on your room and the desired rendering, you can install the Fireplace mantel, or just the mantle shelf if your interior is dull.

History of the mantel

Mantels of fireplaces are inspired by Greek and Roman architecture. The first coats were installed in the Italian chimneys during the rebirth. These chimneys were often accompanied by columns, pilasters, sculptures and casts. During the Edwardian era, coats became more sober and more modern. Shelves of fireplaces appeared with the construction of high density fiber panels.

The materials used to build a chimney

The materials used to dress a fireplace are often wood. Mahogany, walnut and elm wood are very common choices. For the design of the chimney, the materials vary, between the concrete, the metal, the gypsum, the plaster or also the glass. To bring a more sophisticated side, designers often add a marble frame, with matching tiles to the floor. Creating a chimney has a cost, especially if you choose a custom model. This cost can be reduced if you opt for a chimney kit, which we add a dressing. You will also have the Fireplace Surround perfectly chosen now.

How much can a coat cost for your fireplace?

A ready-to-use mantel is relatively cheap. A coat made from fiber will cost around $ 250. Precast concrete and plaster are more expensive, but still affordable. The stone and wood coats are the most upscale, with prices starting at 500 $ and climbing up to thousands of euros depending on the model.

  • If you want to install your mantel yourself, without going through a contractor, you can choose a kit ready to mount. It requires a minimum of handyman, but there are quality kits with beautiful details. You will have the satisfaction of having beautified your home yourself. 
  • The box, like the insert, immediately brings a modern touch to a fireplace and allows you to change your decor without touching your home.
  • To revamp your chimney at lower costs, you can also create a fireplace mantel with a palette of recovery or create a box yourself with the help of wooden planks that you will paint in the color of your choice.

Budget to provide: a few tens of euros if you decide to embark on the decoration of your fireplace in DIY mode (you will have no trouble finding on the internet, but you need to have some knowledge of DIY) to several hundred euros if you buy and have your chimney box installed via a specialized shop. 


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