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The Best Death Cleanup Service Green Bay Wisconsin Offers

Those who are most closely affected by a death should never be the ones to have to clean the scene of the passing up. It is a difficult job, especially for someone who was close to the deceased. That is why we work with community agencies and local authorities to provide the best death cleanup service Green Bay Wisconsin offers. 

No matter the type of death that has occurred, we clean up after all of them. We have experience cleaning up homicides, suicides, and traumatic death scenes, in particular, as they often involve the spilling of blood. An unattended death in which a body is left to decompose for some time releases bodily fluids, and both blood spills and bodily fluids create a biohazardous situation, which can be harmful to people’s health. Viruses and bacteria in these substances can infect and cause disease. 

All of our technicians are certified to manage biohazardous situations. They know how to properly handle, remove, transport, and discard biohazardous materials and to correctly disinfect the scene of the passing. They follow the letter of the law for biohazardous cleanup, as directed by the government. They minimize the risk of infection to themselves, our clients, and to the general public and take this responsibility very seriously. 

If a death has been left unattended, the decomposition process happens very quickly, and this is especially true in warm weather and in warm climates. In addition to causing a biohazardous situation through the leaking of bodily fluids, the odor of a decomposing body can cause a space to be unusable. So, in addition to providing disinfection services, we also deodorize. 

One of our most important cleaning goals is to ensure that the area is returned to its original state, if possible. Sometimes, we can’t do this because some items or materials are too contaminated, and they must be discarded as they present an infection risk. When we remove the items or materials, we make way for them to be replaced. 

Our work revolves around our clients, and we work discreetly to maintain their privacy and confidentiality. We are sensitive to the situations in which they find themselves, and we arrive promptly when we are called, usually within an hour. Our cleaning process is thorough and complete, but it typically only takes a few hours for us to finish without sacrificing the quality of our work. When you need the best death cleanup service Green Bay Wisconsin offers, please contact us. We look forward to helping you.

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