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The 10 Best Hosta Plants to Buy This Season

Hostas are flowering plants that add some punch to your landscaping. There are numerous varietals, making it easy to pick the best ones for your yard. After all, you want them to coordinate with your other plants, right?

When it comes to picking the very best hosta plants, go beyond the color of the leaves, which range from green to yellow in most cases, and look at which colors the flowers will look like as well. This allows you to tie everything together better.

If you need some help getting started, then take a look at these ten. They are the best hosta plants to buy this season.

1) Paul’s Glory Hosta

If you want a large Hosta with distinctive leaves, then the Paul’s Glory one might be perfect. The leaves are greenish-yellow in the center and bluish green on the borders. As the season progresses, the greenish-yellow gives way to a more golden hue, making the plant really stick out from the others in your yard.

On top of this, the plant is fairly large in size and likes the sun, making it easy to grow.  

2) Dream Queen Hosta

The Dream Queen hosta lives up to its name with its large size and white flowers. The leaves themselves are massive, and the overall plant reaches a maximum height of 28 inches. Its spread is around 60 inches (yes, you read that right – five feet) and it ends up being the size of a small shrub.

This is not a plant for the faint of heart.

3) Sun Power Hosta

The golden leaves of the Sun Power Hosta are what give the plant its name. The leaves are very wavy and thin. Light purple flowers emerge from the plant, growing on stems that reach a maximum of 40 inches tall. The general spread of Sun Power Hosta is 47 inches, and its very sun tolerant.

If you want a hosta that will survive the sunniest corners of your yard, then you’ll love this one.

4) Dancing Queen Hosta

Unique leaves with ruffled edges are what make the Dancing Queen Hosta different from the others. The leaves are yellow throughout the season, with the shade changing slightly as things progress. If you want a smaller hosta, complete with light purple flowers, then this is your best option.

5) Hadspen Blue Hosta

The Hadspen Blue Hosta lives up to its name, thanks to its blue-green leaves. They are heart-shaped, one of the hallmarks of this particular plant. The flowers, which begin blooming during the mid-summer and extending through the fall, range from white to lavender, and you might see some of both colors on the plant.

6) Night Before Christmas Hosta

Don’t let the name fool you – this plant doesn’t produce red flowers and green leaves. Although the leaves are indeed green, they have white centers that really contrast with the rest of the plant. The flowers themselves are a very pale lavender, and they pop up on stalks that average 36 inches in height.

Overall, the leaves are what make this plant unique.

7) Vulcan Hosta

The Vulcan Hosta is actually named after the planet that Captain Spock originated from on Star Trek. However, even those who aren’t fans of the show can enjoy the dark leaves and white patterned centers on this plant. The leaves are fairly coarse, unlike the smooth ones on other plants. Like those others, the flowers are pale lavender in colors.

8) Hosta Bressingham Blue

Sometimes you need a large plant that knows how to show off. The Hosta Bressingham Blue is perfect for the job. This variety has very dark blue-green leaves (they look more blue than green in certain light) with large white flowers. The plant itself grows to be 48 inches wide, making it a showstopper. You need to plant this one in an obvious location.

9) Fragrant Blue Hosta

Most hostas don’t have flowers that smell nice. The Fragrant Blue Hosta is one of the rare ones that do. This plant produces purple-colored flower buds and white flowers, as well as dark green leaves with dimpled patterns. The leaves are what inspired the name, as they are a dark blue-green hue that will coordinate well with your other plants.

10) Remember Me Hosta

Sometimes you want a small plant that works great as a border. The Remember Me Hosta is just that one. It only grows to 18-inches wide, making it perfect for small spaces. Despite its size, the yellow-streaked green leaves and lavender flowers really add to your landscape. This is not a plant that you’ll soon forget.

If you’d like additional information on these hosta varieties, or on the plants in general, make sure to check this article on the best hosta plant varieties. You’ll find everything that you’re looking for.

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