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Suicide Cleanup Service: Cleaning up after a suicide

Dealing with the loss of a suicidal friend or family precedes the need to clean up the suicide scene. While this is a bitter reality, the horrible incidence will only become less severe when no one remembers the painful accident scene. Who better to get rid of the incident scene than suicide cleanup service professionals?

Grieving families should understand that the need to clean a suicide scene transcends erasing memories of the horrible incidence. Why? Suicide scenes predispose residents to possible contaminants (from the blood, sweat, or carcass of the victim) in the zone. 

Before the suicide cleanup service process begins, it is pertinent to establish safety zones. This step curbs the spread of contaminants to other areas in the suicide zone. More so, inhabitants would know where is safe to thread on the property. 

Family consultations

It is challenging to deal with suicide, no doubt. But because of the compassionate nature of professional suicide cleanup service personnel, individuals get the right support needed to push through. With those people around, the devastating aftermath of suicides becomes less painful.

The process

Suicide cleanup is not one of those DIY processes that one could take up without supervision. Apart from the health risks, the suicide cleanup service requires handy professionals that can carry out delicate procedures such as cleaning and disinfection. 

In the event of a suicide, you want to hire a professional bioremediation company with the right qualifications to execute suicide cleanup service. When you let the professionals take the wheels in the cleanup process, you can end up with a properly cleaned, disinfected, and livable property once again. The cleanup professionals have essential tools and equipment to eliminate odors, contaminants, and other damages. 

In essence, three zones are marked during the bioremediation process:

  1. The control area – This details the circumference of the suicide. The bioremediation process is restricted to this zone.
  2. The buffer area – Here, the professional suicide cleanup service team wears appropriate protective gear, and disposable items are kept within the region.
  3. The clean zone – To prevent cross contamination, equipment, tools, and recovered items are held in the clean zone.

There are three stages involved in the process, including:

  1. Removal of biological materials, traces of blood, chemicals, and dirt make up the cleaning process. Any property that is not fit for remediation is considered ‘medical waste’ and is disposed of as such.
  2. At precise intervals and tangents, disinfectants are sprayed on surfaces. Before using select treatment chemicals, the team scrubs the surface again as it is done in hospitals to guarantee safety.
  3. Pungent smell from contaminated blood or body fluid of the victim may linger in the suicide scene. An expert in suicide cleanup service personnel will spare deodorizers in the area to minimize or eliminate such odor.

Property owners and families who have had a fair share in the tragedy of suicides, in their grief, often misplace priorities. Putting yourself at risk of contracting diseases from a suicide scene is not advisable. You should contact a bioremediation company that offers suicide cleanup services for help.

Oliver Beau Martinez: Oliver, a home security expert, provides recommendations on security systems, safety tips, and ways to make homes more secure.