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Still Stuck At Home in Arizona? Try These X Lockdown Staycation Ideas

It’s peak summertime in Arizona right now, which is when most people tend to skip town for a week or two to get some R&R away from the scorching Arizona heat. What with the COID-19 lockdown officially in its second wave in the Grand Canyon State; people are advised to stay home and avoid unnecessary travel.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate vacation season as you stay at home and keep safe from potential transmission. Get creative and live your best life in the here and now with a staycation!

We’ve got some unique ideas for an Arizona staycation that will get you the rest and leisure you truly deserve.

Recreate A Night Out

If it’s just you and your spouse in your home together, the best way to do a staycation is to pretend you’re on a real vacation! Decorate your wrought iron entry door and steel windows with fairy lights to get a fun feel. Set up a bar, crank the music up, and get dressed for some dancing!

You can start off with some drinks and waltzing after which a romantic candle light dinner in your living room, or the patio would be amazing! End the evening with some stargazing or supplement your small-talk with a conversation menu.

This will bring both of you closer and will snap you out of the COVID-induced cabin fever you’re probably struggling with.

Road Trip, Anyone?
One of the best parts about living in Arizona is that there’s so much potential for a road trip. Even though most resorts and tourist spots are closed, you can just make a day trip to a nearby national park.

Arizona has 24 national park units, in addition to four national natural land monuments. There’s sure to be one near your town or city!

Pack some breakfast and lunch, fill your tank up and start cruising. The best way to do this is to make an early start! You can also look for some nice riversides where you can have a picnic as the water rushes past. This will give you a chance to reconnect with the local scenery — which is great for releasing stress.

Rediscover Your Home

When you’re at home day in and day out; you tend to take the space for granted. It’s time to reawaken your Alice in Wonderland spirit and explore your home.

Spend some time in the attic or basement (if you have one) rather than sitting in front of the TV all day. We guarantee you you’ll find it refreshing!

Another way to approach rediscovering your home is to play a game with your family or spouse. Each person can take turns hiding something in the house and the others have to find it.

The hider will have to keep saying ‘’hot’, ‘cold’, ‘warm’, ‘freezing’ or variations of this to clue the others in. This game will help you learn so much about your home and all the secret corners you never thought of.

Movie Night

Set up a movie night at least once a week for mini-vacation vibes regularly. Make it more festive by setting up a movie lottery. You can pick one out of a bowl every week until your list is finished — and then you can start over with a new list!

Some of our movie favorites include Schindler’s List, Marley and Me, American Hustle, Forrest Gump, Pretty Woman, Casablanca, Saving Private Ryan, Shutter Island and the list goes on!

If movies aren’t your thing, try musicals instead. Singing In The Rain is the perfect throwback movie/musical, along with Chicago, Funny Lady or Wicked!

Home Improvement: Bring in Steel Windows and Doors

This isn’t technically a vacation idea; but since you’re at home and trying to figure out what to do, how about some major home improvement? Switch out your aged wooden doors with some intricate wrought iron entry doors or iron patio doors. Universal iron doors made by companies like Pinky’s Iron Doors are sturdy and add more monetary value to your home!

Add some nature-based imagery with the Dream design in their wrought iron doors section. You can select a single or a double door as well as whether you want a flat or curved silhouette. Either way, the result is guaranteed elegance.

You can also add black steel windows or Euroline windows for some added design synergy between your new door and the rest of your home. Pinky’s Iron Doors also provides room dividers, wine cellar doors, barn doors, Dutch and iron French Doors, and passage doors as well.

I’m sensing a mini redecorating project possibility here!

The best part about home improvement is that you’re being productive and making some changes in your external environment. So, when you’re all done, you won’t even feel like you’re in the same place anymore.

So stop wasting valuable time and make the most of the situation we’re in. Happy staycation-ing to you!

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