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9 Best Flooring Options for Your Home & How to Choose on a Budget

Have you decided after long hesitation to install a new floor covering? Do not start demolishing the previous coating right away. Instead, read our tips to avoid unpleasant surprises!

Think before acting

If you think your home needs new flooring, harness your enthusiasm and don’t start removing the existing flooring right away. Demolition is rarely the best option, and sometimes it is even advisable to install the new siding over the old one. You have to go for the best floor choice in that case.

If you still think, after doing some research, that removing your siding is the best solution, keep these three tips in mind:

Remove your flooring: stay pragmatic

The best way to remove the old coating obviously depends on the type of material used. Above all, we must remain pragmatic. It is very easy, for example, to remove a floor covering made of sand or sand slabs with a crowbar or a jackhammer. Tear down the coating bit by bit so that you can easily put them in a wheelbarrow. Keep in mind, however, that removing and installing flooring is time consuming and produces a lot of waste and dust. Do not forget to allow sufficient time for cleaning after the work. In floorchoice.com you can have the best choices now.

Level the ground

When you have removed your old flooring, make sure the floor is level before you install the new flooring. Your floor must in all cases be level and clean. In some cases it will be necessary to equalize it again. The screed may, depending on its thickness, take a few weeks to dry. Allow about ten days per centimeter and two weeks per centimeter if the thickness of the screed is more than eight centimeters.

In the kitchen, choosing the right type of floor is essential. It is indeed a very lively room in the house, where we cook a lot. It is therefore better to opt for a solid and durable floor covering, but also easy to maintain and hygienic. But which kitchen floor offers all these advantages? Check out some options!

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles are arguably the most popular type of tile. They are the perfect choice as a floor covering in the kitchen. They are very durable and rigid and are resistant to scratches, chemicals and dirt. In addition, ceramic tiles reveal many facets, given that they are available in many colors, textures and formats. The flooring experts choose this one as the best option here.


Ceramic parquet

Everyone knows that a wooden floor is not recommended in a kitchen. This type of floor offers very little resistance to humidity and requires a lot of maintenance. Fortunately, you can opt for ceramic parquet, that is, ceramic tile that is barely distinguishable from real parquet.

Ceramic parquet has the major advantage of being able to benefit from the advantages of tiling, while giving the impression of having a wooden floor. If you choose this type of floor, pay special attention to the thickness of the joints. A one to two millimeter seam promotes a natural look. The fewer joints there are, the less you will notice that it is in fact a tiled floor.

Natural stone

Natural stone is a beautiful and very durable material. But some types of natural stones can be affected by acidity and chemicals. Do you want to integrate this option into your kitchen? Pay attention to the hardness and porosity of the stone.


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