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New Home Trend – TV’s In The Bathroom

Home renovation should be a perfect balance between affordability and personal preferences. Homeowners can get the most out of their budget by choosing the right trends. This is especially important if you are considering selling your home as certain upgrades can add a lot of value to your home and make it more marketable. One such trend is installing a bathroom TV.

We are going to take a look at some of the reasons why bathroom TV’s are becoming the latest trend in home upgrades:

Affordable- compared to a complete bathroom overhaul, adding a bathroom TV is an affordable option. Homeowners can stay within their budget and still indulge in the latest technology without breaking the bank.

Integration With Smart Home System- thanks to current television technology, a bathroom TV can be an important part of a smart home system. TVs with Android operating systems can easily become an integral part of any smart home. Homeowners can remotely control different parts of their home using the bathroom TV. They can control lights, curtains, thermostats, and CCTV systems from the bathroom. This ensures an unprecedented level of personalisation and control.

Better Bathing Experience- when bathing, people want to be relaxed. A bathroom TV brings a touch of indulgence and a calming ambience. Through YouTube or other video streaming platforms, homeowners can find countless calming music for them to relax to. This makes relaxing, while bathing, a complete experience.

     Before installing a bathroom TV, homeowners should be aware that standard TVs can’t withstand prolonged exposure to high humidity. Moisture will shorten the life of delicate electronics components. It’s especially true when you take hot shower each day, making the bathroom humid and steamy. A waterproof TV can relieve many of these concerns as they are designed to be used in wet, humid environments.

     There are different design ideas to incorporate a television into your bathroom. You may consider installing a see-through shower that allows you watch TV while showering. If you want a finished and clean look, you can integrate the television tightly into the bathroom wall, but it takes more work to achieve that. If you want to make the bathroom looks less cluttered, it’s a great design choice.

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