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Materials used for making bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are now considered a part of household furniture as it is nowadays an essential item. The tiny bottles and articles related to toiletries require some permanent space for them that might be impossible to find in the absence of a cabinet. Cabinets are manufactured in different sizes and shapes, depending upon the measurement of the consumer’s wall and budget. A bathroom mirror cabinet can also be made at home by following online instructions and specific safety protocols. These can be made hidden from a mirror gate or even with a sliding door. It helps in maintaining privacy and minimalism inside the bathroom.

4 types of materials used for manufacturing a bathroom cabinet:

  1. Wood: The most common content considered for making a durable and well-looking bathroom cabinet is a wooden one. It will not allow the items to move due to its firm hold with nails and glue. Although, you need to cover it with a layer of mica or paint for making it a bit water-resistant. These are not completely waterproof and have a shelf life of 5-6 years. Wooden cabinets look classier as compared to other materials. As many shelves can be added with wooden boards as per the needs. Also, the handle attached to it can be made of wood.
  2. Steel: These bathroom cabinets are best for a steamy bathroom where hot showers are frequently in use. Wooden cabinets will accumulate humidity and cause early damage to the cabinet. Steel made furniture is good at holding water and does not affect the durability of the shelves. Although it cannot be polished and can make a bit sound while opening and closing due to its metallic feature.
  3. Glass: These are the most luxurious and superior type of bathroom cabinets. A glass-based cabinet does not require any additional finishing but needs super care for operating. They come in various types, and most of them are fragile. Glass or steel shelves can be installed inside them for keeping more items.
  4. Plastic: A bathroom cabinet made from plastic will come at meager prices and suitable for a temporary installation. These are light weighted and can be moved from one wall to another place easily. It is known that using a plastic bathroom cabinet will save huge money and keep the area clutter-free as well. But these are not as durable as the bathroom as mentioned above cabinets and have a low shelf life, i.e., not more than 2-3 years.

These were some of the famous materials used in the making of bathroom cabinets. However, before buying any one of them, the buyer is highly recommended to carefully verify the pros and cons of having the respected bathroom cabinet. He should measure the size of the wall before customizing a cabinet for his bathroom. Many DIY ideas are available on several online platforms that offer free tips on making bathroom cabinets with minimum expense and more safety. It is also suggested to seek help from your known people to make it an easy task.

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