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Let Us Help You with Our Suicide Odor Removal Service

When a suicide happens, it is never an easy situation. People who are most affected by the suicide are in no position to clean up after the suicide themselves as they are dealing with some very difficult emotions. Additionally, suicides can create biohazardous situations that require professional help. That is why we partner with local organizations and authorities to provide our cleanup and suicide odor removal service

Suicides that are not discovered immediately mean that the scene of the incident becomes an unattended death. Bodies tend to decompose quickly, and this is especially true in warmer climates and when the temperature outside increases. Bodies tend to leak fluids when this occurs, and this creates a biohazardous situation. 

Blood and bodily fluids at the scene of a suicide should only be cleaned up by professionals. We offer a team of technicians who are trained and certified to clean up biohazardous situations. They follow all applicable laws and regulations concerning the cleanup of suicides and any other death scene. Our clients can rely on them to minimize the risk of potential infection as they take the charge to protect their own health and that of our clients and the general public very seriously. 

Included under the umbrella of cleanup and disinfection is the removal of odors associated with suicide. We will not only disinfect every surface and material that can be sanitized, we will also deodorize the entire affected space so that the space is returned to its original state as much as possible. We are meticulous in our work and ensure that everything that can be cleaned and disinfected is. 

Sometimes, we cannot save a particular material or item, such as carpeting or drywall, if it has been too contaminated by the suicide. This occurs when we cannot completely disinfect the item or material. We safely discard it so that it can be replaced with new material or a replacement item. 

We work with integrity and respect for the privacy of our clients. We work with a light footstep to demonstrate respect for our clients as we know we are working in their living and working spaces. We are sensitive to the emotions that they are dealing with, and we typically respond to the scene within an hour when we’re called. We usually finish our work within a few hours, but we don’t sacrifice quality for speed. Contact us for the best area suicide odor removal service.

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