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Introducing faux painting and its services

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Do you want your house to look more beautiful? If yes then faux paintings are available for you. These are decorative paintings. Faux painting replicates the appearance of marble, woods etc. by its decorative paint finish. Faux painting process involves the mixture of 4 parts of glaze and 1 part of paint. Glaze is applied over a base-coat to give a rich and dimensional treatment to the paint. The more you add the gazing medium the more it affects the color. It may be a bit difficult for you to carry out this task so you can choose the experienced professional painters and decorators in London for an amazing painting and decorative services. 

Faux painting and decorative services: 

  • Firstly the decorative painters apply a simple base coating and when it dries, a thin glaze is applied.
  • Some tools are used to give desired effects like paintbrush, sponge, rags etc. to give different patterns, styles and strips. 
  • If you want a smooth surface then it will be repaired and the required areas will be filled and then a primer will be applied on it.
  • You can choose different wallpaper as per your choice.

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Some popular ideas:

  1. Color wash: When more than one layer of glaze in applied, it will give multi-tonal effect to the walls and it looks very attractive.
  2. Marbleizing: Many stylish and glazing brushes are available which will replicate the design of natural marbles.
  3. Rag rolling: A role of rag is used in this technique which moves vertically up and down. You can add more color on the top coating.
  4. Venetian plaster: It is used to give a perfect finish to wall and ceiling. This plaster is mixed with marble and applied with spatula in multiple layers which are brightened to give smooth surface and texture.
  5. Metallic: It is polychromatic paint which is used nowadays on new automobiles. It has deep shimmer quality used in home decoration.


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