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How to Stage Homes like Experienced Realtors

Home staging is an effective way to market your property to your potential audience. While staging a home can become a mix of challenging and tricky, it can be gratifying. In this article, we will look at several home staging tips and tricks to improve your listing’s chances of selling.

Take Pictures of Property Before Staging

Having images of the listing in its original or bare state can become a great asset for a home stager. For one, it allows you to make a “before and after” comparison of the property to impress potential leads. Showing buyers the difference you made to the listing makes them appreciate the changes more, and increases buy rate.

Another way you can use these pre-staging images is for showing off the property in different ways.  As it takes a lot of time, energy, and resources to stage a listing, having a blank canvas are handy. Having a pre-staged image of the property lets you customize the interior digitally to suit your potential lead’s imagination.  It is also worth mentioning that modifying a blank interior digitally is way less expensive than having someone digitally remove and place the furniture.

Think How Your Buyers Think

Home staging is all about fixing a property to get the attention of potential buyers. It means putting the buyer’s interest first before yours, and doing so could be a real challenge.

Start with choosing more subdued and neutral colors for furniture and designs, making the property flexible to most buyers. When staging smaller rooms like children’s rooms, it is better to keep it gender-neutral than having it mainly pink or blue.

Other home staging tips and tricks include knowing the audience you are marketing to and having a theme for each room. Knowing your audience helps you choose the right furniture and decorations, along with the price point. It would also help to look at other properties marketing to your target audience and learn more about their preferences.

Having a theme in every room, especially on multi-purpose rooms, makes the rooms more comfortable to stage. Just make sure that the ideas work well with each other and not clash.

Pro Tip: You can always consult affordable interior design services to give you professional advice in case you are out of ideas.

Know Where to Source Items

As an old cartoon always said, “Knowing is half the battle,” and this is true with home staging. Getting authentic pieces of decoration or furniture can be expensive unless you know where to look for them. Thankfully, replicas or items similar to expensive ones are available online at a fraction of the original cost. Be warned, however, that patience is needed to get the ones you can use for your home staging ideas.  

There you have it, some helpful home staging tips and tricks to up your home staging game. We hope that these ideas get you started with home staging and inspired to create more staging ideas.

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