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How to Rent/buy property abroad 

The modern real estate market has overcome any territorial restrictions. Many seek to buy residential or commercial property not only outside their city, but also outside the country. Multiple international real estate agencies and online services have been created to help customers around the world.

One of these resources is the https://fodyo.com portal. Here you can find information about real estate in Russia, the United States, England, Australia, and other countries of the world. You should use Fodyo.com if you:

  • plan to buy housing in new buildings or the secondary market;
  • have interest in a ready-made business related to real estate operations;
  • make a profitable investment in real estate in your country or abroad.

Benefits of the Fodyo.com Portal

Fodyo.com is an Internet resource that has been created according to latest trends of the modern world real estate market. Its users receive a high range of advantages, which include:

  1. Complete information on current real estate offers in different countries of the world. You can get all the necessary details without wasting time searching and analyzing information from different sites. Users who haven’t decided on the country of investment yet can compare offers from different parts of the world before making a decision.
  2. Fodyo.com offers both real estate in new buildings and a large selection of houses, cottages and apartments from the secondary market in Russia, USA (https://fodyo.com/en-us/condos) and other countries of the world.
  3. Each property offers layout with a detailed description. This applies to both residential or commercial real estate, the territory and infrastructure around. The information includes a map, which provides an exact picture of the location.
  4. The portal has a convenient and easy interface. You can search for relevant offers in a particular country and its specific region also using a special filters. By entering all the requirements for the desired object, such as location region, type of real estate, its acceptable price and specific characteristics –number of rooms, stage of construction, you can instantly select the matching offers to make the best choice.
  5. The portal offers a lot of additional information and useful tips. For those who need to learn more about the mortgage, the site provides rules for obtaining a loan with an interest rates in different countries. You can also view offers from various financial organizations, choose the most suitable, and even contact the bank manager to discuss the transaction details. All you need to do for is to submit an application by filling out the simple form.
  6. If you plan on purchasing real estate in a new building, the portal provides detailed information about each residential complex that is for sale and its properties. You can learn everything about the developers whose offers are presented on the portal. All the information about the developers and each specific object is carefully checked before being displayed to users.
  7. The site is being constantly updated, so all the offers are recent and the information can be trusted.

Fodyo.com is an international portal that embodies innovative real estate solutions. Experienced managers are ready to provide advice and support on any issue related to the real estate. Just fill out a simple registration form and receive a professional answer.

Today, the portal is under intensive development. The developers are making every effort to meet the requirements of the most demanding users. The future plans include the expansion of the large number of countries, cooperation with new proven developers and financial organizations from all around the world. The creators of the portal work really hard on making this global resource for the real estate market, as convenient as possible.

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