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How To Hire A Window Replacement Contractor

Home windows are an absolute important asset of our home. Not only does it add to our comfort and safety but also directly affects our money.

Let me explain to you. If you have a good window of course your room and home looks good. If it can keep the heat and cold from entering it adds to your comfort. And if it cannot keep heat, cold, and humidity from entering you will feel uncomfortable and use more of your air conditioner or heater and this will increase your monthly utility bills.

So now that you understand the importance of having good windows it is time to think about hiring the right window replacement contractor.

Research The Best Window Replacement Contractor

Not all window replacement contractors are the same. If you do a little research and planning on your end before hiring one, things will go smoothly and cost efficiently.

The very first think you should think about is what kind of windows you would like to install. Usually different contractors specialize in different kinds of windows.

Say you want to install energy efficient windows then you will need to find a contractor who installs PVC or fiberglass windows.

You can then go on Google and look for the kind of window replacement contractor you need for the job. Eliminate anyone who has a bad review and shortlist the ones that have good reviews.

Get A Quote, References And Business License

Then reach out to them and have them, explain your window job and have them give you a quote. I would recommend reaching out to at least 3-5 contractors so you can get the best terms.

Next, make sure they have a business license. Never give work to anyone unlicensed. If something goes wrong you will have a hard time finding them. Now if a business license is not necessary in your state then make sure to look them up and see if there are any complaints against their business.

To add an extra layer of security have them give you a few references that you can call and ask about their work.

Ask For Warranty Coverage On Replacement Windows And Labor

You then need to ask them the kind of warranty they offer for their windows and labor. Usually windows have anywhere between 8-12 year warranty and the workmanship has 1-2 year warranty. Anyone offering less than this should be avoided.

This way if your windows are defective or there is any issue with installation, you do not have to spend more money to get them fixed.

I also like to know if they carry an insurance and if their insurance will cover any damage they cover to the property caused by them during the work. This is not necessary but I prefer. Also, if you live in a condo oftentimes the condo rules will require that you only work with contractors who carry a certain amount of insurance.

Once you have all this info ask them to give you a quote and then pick the one with best terms to replace your windows.

Oliver Beau Martinez: Oliver, a home security expert, provides recommendations on security systems, safety tips, and ways to make homes more secure.