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How to Clean Documents and Artwork Before Picture Framing?

Most of the people remain cautious about the cleanliness and should be when it comes to framing a document and artwork. Cleaning the glass of frames is not only enough to display the artwork, photograph, and documents in a better way, but it is also equally important to clean what inside it.

Since the artwork, photos are made of fragile paper, here it becomes important to be very cautious and to use the right products to avoid any damage.

If you are on the plan to frame your documents, then here are some of the Do’s and Dont’s while Cleaning Different Types of Documents.

What Documents Should Not be Cleaned?

When it comes to frame certificates, book pages, maps, or manuscripts it is good to keep them clean but not all the documents have to be cleaned in a similar way. If among the above list, any of the documents are not made of a material that is firmly bound to the paper like charcoal or pastel then avoid doing surface cleaning. Also, if the document or paper contains the old tape or leftover adhesive then avoid removing the tape to avoid damage.

Begin Smoothly & Slowly

While cleaning any paper document or work art start with a gentle cleaning and moving slowly and carefully to further cleanliness. This helps you to prevent damaging documents. In case, there is only dust on the paper then clean it by simply brushing them with the soft brush.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

By using the right product you can get the brighter display of the document. Use the document cleaning powder to remove surface dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Apply the powder on the pad form and rub it gently on the surface of the document.

In case of any insect specks and rust make use of the scalpel tip or the corner of a razor blade to get rid of untidy material. Here you have to very cautiously as your little carelessness can lead to the permanent damage of the document.

To clean the small patches of grime use the gentle eraser like vinyl block eraser or granulated vinyl eraser. Here again, it is essential to be very careful to avoid damaging documents.

Protect Documents

After ending up cleaning the document now is the time to keep them away from any kind of dirt and damage. You can use the right idea of print and frames. Also, you can opt for the archival framing material like an acid-free mat, mount board, UV filtering glass, acrylic glazing, etc to keep document away from the dust, dirt, humidity, etc.

Wrapping Up

So practice carefully to clean your document and make them even more presentable by using the right kind of frames.

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