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How a High-Quality LED Light Design Can Create a Comfortable Indoor Environment


When it comes to interior design, most of us pay attention to interior decor but barely realize that we can achieve a double effect with simple interior lighting design. The use of lighting in indoor space does not only influence the illumination intensity but also its whole atmosphere. Different lamps, illumination and color temperature will bring completely different visual and decorative effects.

To choose an appropriate LED track lighting, you should know something about LED first. LED, as a cold light illuminator, shows its superiority in short distances and small areas with its energy efficiency. Unlike glass bulb lamp types, its durable and shockproof characteristics make it useful for many applications aimed at reducing stray light like pollution on street lights. Here are some key factors that you should pay much attention to when selecting a lighting device.

Brighter with lower energy-consumption

Brightness and energy consumption may be the most basic traits to be considered when choosing a lighting product. The most straightforward indicator is the lumen per watt of a lighting device. How many lumens are needed? There is not a definitive answer. It depends on a number of factors including room size and shape, the height of ceilings, color scheme, type of lamps and fitting, task areas and the user’s needs. However, with higher lumens, you can adjust the brightness as needed, and in a much wider range. Sirius series track light has a high luminous efficacy of 130lm/w; with 2 available types of A and B, it can perfectly deliver on this promise. These two types of products both have a UGR under 19, which means they are effective in preventing glare. Here below we will discover why we should choose a lighting device with lower a UGR.

Lower UGR

The term URG is a psychological parameter measuring the subjective response of human eyes to light emitted by lighting devices in an indoor visual environment. LED lighting with lower UGR contains fewer veiling reflection, especially in some attention-requiring environments like offices and monitor rooms.

Another way to avoid glare is to use indirect light sources instead of direct lighting. In interior lighting design, hidden light sources can be placed around the ceiling, and local lighting can be strengthened when needed. Indirect lighting is the most comfortable and relaxing source of light. Turning lights too bright can tire the people that have to stay in that space.

Use reflector cups and the lamp track cleverly

The most luminous angle of an LED light source is around 120°. To achieve the desired optical effect, LED lamps and lanterns sometimes use reflectors to control the illumination distance, the illumination area, and the spot effect. A multi-reflector system is needed for design diversified lighting performance. Sirius series track light provides reflector cups in different angles that are easily replaceable, which enables various potential uses of light in diversified environments.

Note that lighting which directly illuminates the human body should be avoided in most scenarios. A better way to illuminate an environment is to hit the light on the wall, painting or potted plants so that space will appear open and wider. You can mix various track types, including long and short ones. Combining lights with a vertical or horizontal direction will allow lighting professionals, building owners, and tenant businesses to create different ambiances in office, school, retail, and health care indoor spaces. Using different tracks will help you to create new lighting decorations/.

Good lighting conditions can improve the customer’s mood, as well as his levels of alertness and Sirius series track light concentration. You should integrate appropriately LED lighting with the environment so to make your clients happier and more relaxed. Spending some time to select a cost-effective lighting brand can provide you with more design inspiration and the possibilities for a bolder try. Use the  to make a difference in your indoor space!

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