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If yours is a growing family or your family member is moving back, extending your home is a good option. Having many rooms will provide more space to relax and provide more storage. The extension can include bedrooms, bathrooms, and you can extend the storey of the building. Home extension not only increases space but also add value to your property. If you are willing to spend lavishly, you can get good plans from home extension builders and plan a budget for the project. In this article, you will find some information about things to consider before planning a home extension.

Building Regulations

Every renovation project must comply with building regulations. Ensure that whoever carries the extension should self-certify the work they do or will liaise with building control officers to get their work certified.

Insurance Provider

Homeowners cannot assume that their home extension would be covered by their existing home insurance. They may restrict your cover. Contact your home insurance provider and let them know of your extension plans. The rebuild cost of the house will increase due to the home extension. The insurer will take it into account when pricing premiums to avoid the risk of damage. The insurer will provide information about whether your policy will cover the new extension or not. There may be an increase in the premiums.


 The works may disrupt your neighbors. It is the best idea to let your neighbors know about your plans in advance.

Designing an extension

You can either contact an architect or design the extension of the home yourself. An architect will clearly explain the possible ways of making the extension neat and cool. They will plan a proper design based on your requirements and considering the old structure of the house. Discuss with your family members and plan the extension. Plan about the rooms and renovations required for your home. Set your budget as per the plan and the money you are ready to spend.

Hiring a Builder

 Try to find a good builder using word of mouth. Ask your friends a family for recommendations for a builder. Contact the builders and follow them up with a phone call or even ask if you can visit completed projects. if Check the builder’s up-to-date personal and public liability insurance. Get a written contract with your builder covering details such as start and completion dates, the cost of labour and materials, working hours, and a payment plan. In Merseyside, local company Wirral Builders has a comprehensive team with good building skills. They concentrate more on client satisfaction and you can see the examples of their work on the website home extension builders. They do their best until they make their clients happy.


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