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Great Choices for the Asbestos Testing for You

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If you undertake work in your accommodation, you must first know if the materials concerned contain asbestos.

You can find this information in the asbestos diagnosis provided by your notary at the time of the purchase of your property.

Who should carry out the asbestos diagnosis?

The asbestos diagnosis must be carried out by a real estate diagnostician accredited and having subscribed to insurance covering this specific type of intervention. With the Asbestos Testing Near Me this is essential now.

Asbestos certification in real estate diagnostics

Any property assessor requires asbestos certification to perform an asbestos diagnosis. There are two areas of certification: without or with tertiary mention:

An asbestos certified real estate diagnostician without mention is only authorized to perform asbestos diagnostics in residential buildings and some commercial premises located at the foot of residential buildings

whereas with tertiary mention it is certified to carry out asbestos diagnostics on all residential, industrial and commercial premises whatever their nature and surface.

Period of validity of an asbestos diagnosis

In the event that the asbestos diagnosis proves to be negative, its period of validity is final , that is to say without limitation in time, otherwise the owner must have it checked periodically (every 3 years until decontamination) the state of conservation of the materials. The initial diagnosis is therefore valid for 3 years . However, it cannot be reused as it is for a future sale , click here for asbestos inspection 


If the diagnosis was made before January 1, 2013, a new asbestos diagnosis is necessary even in the absence of asbestos reported in the previous diagnosis. This is due to the widening of the diagnostic coverage which now controls the exterior parts of the house.

Price of an asbestos diagnosis

The price of an asbestos diagnosis depends first of all on the construction model to be diagnosed and then on the type of asbestos diagnosis to be carried out. A mandatory asbestos diagnosis of private areas (DAPP) before renting an apartment will be less expensive than an asbestos diagnosis before the sale of the same property because of the scope of the diagnosis on more materials. Similarly, the price of an asbestos diagnosis before work will depend on the walls to be investigated and the surveys to be carried out in the various materials. A simple asbestos diagnosis at the lowest price (around € 100) generally applies to apartments and individual houses for a simple DAPP, the cost then increases with the multiplicity of rooms, the area and nature of the premises and especially the type asbestos diagnostic to be carried out.

Use and identification of asbestos

What can be the recommendations of the report?

Depending on the type and amount of asbestos detected by the diagnostician, different actions may be required of the owner:

  • Control of the conservation of materials within a maximum period of 3 years after carrying out the asbestos diagnosis.
  • Control of the concentration of asbestos in the atmosphere via a measurement of the dust rate required 3 months maximum from the delivery of the asbestos diagnosis by the diagnostician.
  • Containment or outright removal of asbestos materials.
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