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Finest Measures for the Tree Removal Options

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Most of the urban trees are pruned. For this to be done properly, teams of skilled professionals must perform this task, which must always be preceded by planning. Only City officials can prune the sidewalk trees. 

In the Urban Afforestation process, the pruning procedure tends to provide a tree-appropriate growth architecture. Pruning should be appropriate to the species and their physiological demand, so the canopy architecture represents a strategy of occupation and this factor must be analyzed at the time of planting in order to avoid excessive pruning, mutilation. With the Tree Removal Service Scottsdale you can have the best deal now.

Conformation Pruning:

Aims to adapt the canopy volume to the environment where the tree is planted, reducing interference with pedestrians, vehicles and buildings. This type of pruning respects the tree’s original architecture without causing imbalance. Cleaning Pruning: Removes dry, inactive or malformed branches and is used to recover damaged trees. In this pruning, one tries to saw the branches always close to the trunk or close to the thicker branches from which they start. Cleaning pruning is important to reduce the availability of termite food, reducing your infestation in the city.

Pruning or Scraping: 

There is selective pruning to reduce the density of live branches. The pruning results in a balanced distribution of branches in individual branches, not compromising the tree structure. It is not recommended to remove more than 25% of the crown volume that has grown after the last pruning. 

Cup Base Elevation Pruning has the purpose of removing branches that are hanging or that interfere with other uses of sidewalks and public areas. It should be done judiciously, without causing the tree imbalance. Containment Pruning: serves to contain the tree canopy below the electrical and telephone wiring. This type of pruning is not recommended for large species and may compromise tree health and longevity. It is important to know that this type of pruning requires constant maintenance, as the tree will grow as long as it is alive. Reduction Pruning: Selective pruning to reduce the height and / or width of the canopy and, consequently, the area and volume, always obeying the typical architecture of the species, seeking a distribution. It is balanced of branches. The tolerance of the species to this type of pruning should be considered. With Scottsdale Tree Removal Service this is important.

Last Words

In any type of pruning, the branches should be removed at their base, respecting the region of the branch crest and collar to ensure proper healing. That gives rise to processes of wood decay, exposing the internal tissues to the action of time and microorganisms.

Tree Removal

  • Cutting down a tree is only allowed when it is dry, very sick, compromising the health of other trees, or threatening to fall, and when blocking the view of the rear signaling. 

Trees on public roads will only be removed with real need in the following cases: No environmental compensation or removal fee:

  • Trees with precarious phytosanitary status (sick due to pest and insect attack), dry, or outside the norms and laws.

Construction of a garage or driveway

Making it difficult or impeding the execution of justifiable works such as: change of use of the property, need for landscape change of the property, i.e., reasons not arising from natural sources.

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