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Execution failures, poor quality materials or natural phenomena, these are the most common causes of roof damage, which can range from simple problems such as tile breakage to partial or total roof failure. Maintaining the roof periodically is essential to prevent such wear and tear and to ensure the safety of the home. You can have the fascia replacement company there for the best use.

Periodically Check The Roof Structure

The roof structures can be manufactured from various materials. The most common are wood for residential works and metal for industrial works, such as warehouses. The type of structure varies depending on the building conditions (size, trim, aggressive environment, among others).

Whatever the conditions of the property, the ideal is not to build the structure leaving it directly exposed to the weather. That’s because wind, sun and excessive rain are some of the main causes of roof problems. Wood, for example, can rot with constant humidity and generate huge losses.

It is essential to have quality materials to ensure the service life and safety of the roof. Good woodwork lasts more than 50 years intact in the roof structure! Metal structures, on the other hand, hardly present problems – corrosion is the main damage caused by the lack of proper maintenance.

On wooden-framed roofs, maintenance should be done regularly to assess the condition of the slats and their degree of decay. Identifying the problem in the beginning is much easier to solve. It will be enough to change the damaged slats and rafters, without the need to completely remake the roof. The same goes for any corrosion that can appear on metal roofs.

Observe The Waterproofing Of The Tiles

As the tiles are directly exposed to the weather, they can present problems more easily. The most common types of tile on the market are ceramic, concrete, fiber cement (asbestos tile) and metal. The first three are more susceptible to damage as they absorb more moisture and are less resistant to mechanical shocks.

Metal tiles, in turn, have greater durability. On the other hand, they suffer from thermal conduction, which impairs thermal comfort in the internal environments of the property. Whatever the material, the signs of defects are basically the same: infiltrations, leaks, stains on the slab and peeling paint.

To avoid these disorders, it is necessary to make a periodic evaluation with the help of a professional. Generally, the most common failure is in the roof waterproofing system, which has a defined expiration date. After a few years without maintenance, the system tends to be damaged. A specialized professional will know how to identify them and recommend the appropriate repair.

See If Gutters And Flashings Work Perfectly

Gutters are responsible for draining rainwater, while flashings seal between roof and masonry, forming a barrier to prevent infiltration. Both are essential components to observe in roof maintenance. 

Gutters are usually a problem after long periods without rain. Dirt builds up and ends up clogging the drain pipes. If the water does not flow naturally through the gutter, it will certainly accumulate in places unsuitable for this, causing problems in the building or in the surroundings. 

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