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Eco Friendly Options for the Food Carriers

We are already back in mid-August. Quietly not fast, the return to work and school is felt. We love or we do not like, the holidays end and the routine will resume its course. With this routine, it’s time to question some of our daily habits in order to make ecological choices easily integrable. And with this routine, come the lunches the famous lunches. Well, we must eat well and the lunch box is perfect to question our consumption habits. Casually, the lunch box can be an environmental burden. We met many teachers this summer through our representations and all agree: The lunch boxes are terribly filled with single-use items. A visit to https://begreenbehappy.com/ makes things perfect now.

  • Here are some tips and tricks to make it easier for you to find an environmentally friendly lunch box. You will see, there is nothing wizard in all that. The tricks as such are relatively easy to set up, which can be a challenge for some will be a matter of organization.
  • To have an ecological lunch box, you have to be ready to cook at least a little. Thus, we will avoid meals on the run that are often overpacked, so bad for the environment, the wallet and health. And to cook, it takes a minimum of organization, if only to have the ingredients on hand and the time required. For the rest, here is how you can adapt.

Do not discard the containers you already have to replace them. They must be used until the end of life, otherwise the new containers will be part of the overconsumption since they do not prove necessary. Most of us already have plastic containers. When the time comes to replace them, you can first look in your closet or in your recycling bin if you do not have Mason jars that could be used for what is liquid like a soup or compote. If you need to buy new containers, it becomes more interesting to buy glass for durability. These will also be better for your health if you have to heat your meal. The plastics put in the microwave, even though the packaging says it’s okay even if it’s without PBA inspires us war and is certainly a health risk (toxic release).


The need for these is rather rare. Most of the time, we have access to a water point to wash our hands. However, if this is part of your habits and you want to have some, you can simply slip a piece of tissue (cut out of an old t-shirt for example) in your lunch box. Thus, you avoid the unique use and you only have to put it to the wash. And if it’s in your child’s lunch box and misleads it, it’s worry-free.

The utensils

We understand that plastic utensils are not only non-recyclable most of the time, they are really unpleasant to eat and so much so useless. It is then necessary to slip the necessary in our box of lunch and to have your small kit in your bag or in your bag of work at all times.

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