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Doors You Can Go For In Case of the House Doors

One of the most popular types of interior doors is modern white doors. Historically, in our half of the world, white is a symbol of solemnity, purity and perfection. White clothes were worn by kings and patriarchs, white porcelain sets were for many centuries the luxury of emperors, the white colors of the interior could be afford either very noble or very rich people. Since then, white doors have been unknowingly associated with a high standard of living and an elite interior decoration. The finest options come now with the house doors.

The Finer Choices Now

After a brief period of rejection, when the interior doors, painted with peeling white paint, began to be perceived as a reflection of the philistine vulgarity of everyday life, the white interior doors became fashionable again. Many factories offer luxury models of white doors decorated with gilding, patina, or pure white with satin glass in a minimalist style.

  • White color is a harmonious element of any style – high-flown Baroque or Classicism, mystical Art Nouveau or Empire style, avant-garde hi-tech or minimalism. The white door goes well with any color of furniture and with any pattern on the wallpaper. Another feature of white doors is that they visually increase the room, make it brighter and more spacious.

White Doors

A deaf white door does not always seem interesting, although here manufacturers can offer a lot of interesting things, varying the fittings, character and decoration, etc. White doors with glass look very profitable, especially in high-tech, modern and classic interiors. If the glass is engraved or colored, it can give the entire interior a completely exceptional originality and charm.

  • A white door with glass is seen even more light and transparent, visually pushing the boundaries of the interior, which is especially valuable for small rooms. Even if you have a dark flooring, a white door can harmonize with it in contrast, creating an extremely interesting aesthetic effect. There are a lot of white doors in the assortment of various manufacturers so as not to limit your imagination with rigid frames.

White doors also have shortcomings, which you need to have an idea in order not to complicate your life in the future. First of all, it is a continuation of virtues. White doors add light, solemnity and purity. But only if they themselves are clean. The whiteness of white objects is well known, and, unfortunately, white doors are no exception. They quickly get dirty near the handles, so care for them should be more frequent and thorough.

Finer Options

Another point is related to the fact that on a white surface any defect is much more noticeable. Any scratch, chip coating will be visible from the other end of the room. Therefore, if you have small children or pets, it is worth considering the feasibility of acquiring white doors. Although this is not always a complicating factor – if children are not inclined to arrange pirate battles, riding on chairs in your living room – then, perhaps, the white doors will be perfectly preserved during the entire necessary period of operation.

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