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Different types of oils used in spiritual awakening

People use essential oils for spiritual awakening. Almost all the people belonging to different culture and religion use it in ceremonies, rituals enlightenment etc. It can be used for many benefits like mental, physical, emotional etc. Now, you can shop spiritual oil online and it is available in different types. Each has its own benefits and properties. 

Oils for spiritual awakening

  1. Cedar-wood: It is used for purification and spiritual grounding. It purifies your spirit, heals your present and cleanses your space. It removes the blockage and makes your body energetic and keeps you away from negative thoughts, anxieties, worries etc. You can use it in rituals like prayers, meditations etc. that will help you to bring calmness and peace in your life. It can blend with rosemary, jasmine etc. 
  2. Rosemary: This oil is mainly reserved for attaining enlightenment because of its healing and purification powers. It has stimulating and refreshing aroma that will help you to feel alive. The aromatic profile of this oil has sweet and fresh smell, herbaceous and also slightly medicinal. You can use it in purification ceremonies to remove spiritual blocks. Thus, it helps in protection, psychic development and also provides good luck. It is also used for health purposes like to cure mental illness, support cognitive functions of the body etc. 
  3. Peppermint: Its intense smell is highly pleasant for your senses. It is highly concentrated so you can dilute it with the help of air purifier or you can also use oil diffuser to bring out minty fresh smell from it. It improves your stamina, stimulates your senses and makes you alert. If you spray it on your medicated space it will help you to remove negative vibrations and impurities by cleansing it.

Lavender: This oil has calming, relaxing and soothing properties so it is mainly used by highly spiritual person. They use it for cleansing and soothing purpose to make themselves ready for spiritual work. It helps you in bringing your lower and higher chakras to peace and harmony so that divines flow freely inside your body. It balances physical and astral bodies and stabilizes it.

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