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Commercial Vacuum Cleaners For Your Business: Clean Spaces Equal Happy Customers

Choosing the right vacuum for your business

Smart business owners know that a sparkling clean environment helps to create a positive experience for customers. They also know that a great public image is vital to continued success. The right cleaning equipment and good housekeeping habits can ensure that your customers always see the best version of your business.

Finding easy ways to keep our living spaces clean is not a new thing.  Records of our efforts to create a mechanical method of sweeping floors go back as far as 1599. Chicago inventor, Ives McGaffey patented his “sweeping machine” in June of 1869; this hand-pumped vacuum cleaner was the first device designed specifically to clean rugs. Since then, vacuums have evolved from large gas-powered machines to complex electrical devices, and finally, into the range of modern units we enjoy today.

Vacuums come in a variety of styles and sizes; they can be upright or canister, cordless or bagless, they might filter allergens or come with specialized attachments, and some even run by themselves. With all the different options available, it can be difficult to decide which vacuum is right for your floor cleaning needs.

The advantages of commercial vacuum cleaners

Many business owners overlook the importance of choosing the right vacuum.  While typical residential models are fine for home use, they are not enough for the needs of a business. Commercial vacuum cleaners are designed to handle the additional dirt and grime of a busy company.  Whether it’s a restaurant, bed and breakfast, or a large office space, a commercial model is the best way to keep your business free of dirt and dust. Commercial vacuums offer several advantages over their residential counterparts.  Commercial models are:

  • Sturdier – High-quality parts and heavy-duty materials are designed to withstand the added use and abuse that comes with cleaning large public areas.
  • Long Lasting – A sturdy build adds years of usable life to a single machine, saving money in the long-run.
  • Larger – High capacity means fewer stops to empty bags or canisters, reducing time and manpower.
  • Longer Cords – For safety and convenience, grounded, heavy-duty, extra-long cords are standard.
  • Powerful – Strong suction quickly and easily picks up dirt and debris.

Before vacuums became mainstream in the early twentieth century, people would beat, brush, and shake their rugs clean.  So, the next time you use your modern vacuum, take a moment to thank all the innovative people who worked to bring us the marvelous cleaning machines we rely on today.



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