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Beginner Sergers As per the best Choices

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Unlike a covering machine, the serger is equipped with a knife (retractable or deactivable) allowing you to cut the edges of your fabric and even them out for a cleaner finish. The covering machine is content to make hems, apply elastic bands or ribbing. Now that you can 

What is an serge sewing machine?

The serge machine is actually a certain type of sewing machine with additional functionality. It offers the possibility of overcasting the edges and joining them with a seam, stitching up the surpluses and all this in a single operation. Thus, the speed of an serge machine is higher than that of a conventional sewing machine. With the best serger for beginners you can now have the best choices there.

This inexpensive serger model illustrates the usefulness of the telescopic thread guide, because it makes your work easier. In addition, it is a very powerful speed serger because it has a powerful 85 watt motor. Result: it can achieve up to 1,300 stitches per minute thanks to its two needles and 4 threads. We also appreciate its excellent differential, offering the possibility of working on any type of fabric, as well as its simplified threading system.

Overlock: Toyota SLR4D

This 3 and 4 thread serger has the advantage of being an inexpensive serger while having the functionality necessary for good equipment. It covers and cuts your fabric at the same time, to guarantee you a good quality finish. Another positive point for neophytes: the Toyota SLR4D comes with a simplified threading scheme with color codes per wire, as well as a clamp to facilitate the operation even more. It is also not very noisy and is one of the light-weight sergers.

Why order an serge machine?

The serger is an ideal complement to the sewing machine for all those who sew a lot. It alone makes it possible to overcast the edges as perfectly as those of the clothes which one finds in the trade. In addition, it joins the edges with a seam, cuts the surpluses and overcast them in a single operation. Since the serge seams are stretchy, they are particularly recommended for stretch and stretchy fabrics.

What is the point of a collection machine?

The main purpose of the covering machine is to hem and decorate the fabrics you are working on. It will be used to create a hem with a professional finish without flaws, no creases and no deformation even with stretch fabrics. The covering machine offers only one point: the covering point.

There are two types of coverers on the market: single coverers and combined sergers and coverers.


The choice of an serger thus depends on a number of criteria, in particular the number of threads of an serger as well as its weight for greater ease of use. You have to find the balance between its price and the features you need.

Do you want to order an serger and you don’t know which model to choose? This guide will help you choose the serge machine that suits your needs.

In the blink of an eye, make lovely individual sewing jobs with sergers. Serge stitch, chain stitch or wrapping stitch, sergers sew, cut and overcast in one working step. A rich range of user-friendly and innovative functions facilitate orders and guarantee professional quality.

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