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Bathroom remodelling Sunshine Coast

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A simple bathroom makeover can work magic in your home – it is the simplest way to spruce your home up. However, before taking measurements, you need to plan each step of your renovation process. No one ever builds a house without planning the cost; you need to know what you are getting into before starting. 

How much does Bathroom Remodeling cost?

Statistics from Angie’s List show that bathroom remodeling is very costly, with labor taking 20% of the entire cost. You would save some cash if you decide to do-it-yourself; however, it won’t be the best option as you might not have the skill. Bathroom Remodeling Sunshine Coast offers affordable bathroom remodeling in Australia. Alternatively, if you are curious about remodeling your bathroom yourself, here is a brief guide on the preparation process. 

Set up your Makeover Design

Firstly, you need to choose the design that suits your bathroom. At Bathroom Remodeling Sunshine Coast, we use different approaches to makeover your bathroom – gutting the space, swapping out the vanity, and starting from scratch.

To start your renovation process, the following are design elements you can plan.

  • Utility location – Do you have any idea where the plumbing pipes and electrical wiring system are located? Ensure to take accurate measurements to avoid incurring additional costs because of damaged water pipe or electrical wire.
  • Storage space – What area will you keep your toiletries and towels after remodeling? If you remove a closet to expand the room, ensure you have cabinets to fill up the empty space.
  • New fixtures – Are you remodeling or replacing your tub/shower? Do you want to mount a new sink? Are you replacing one or both fixtures? 
  • Color scheme – What is your favorite color? Do you have eyes for colors? Will you call the professionals like Bathroom Remodeling Sunshine Coast to select the color?

Before you consider remodeling your bathroom, do you have the necessary tools? There are different tools for the renovation process that you need to possess. Here are a few crucial tools for your bathroom renovation.

  • Hammer
  • Gloves
  • Tape measure
  • Silicone sealant
  • Goggles
  • Chisel
  • Safety mask
  • Adjustable wrench

These are just a few of essential tools, which you might not have. Bathroom Remodeling Sunshine Coast is the best expert for all your home renovations. We offer the best affordable service in all of Australia. Give us a call today, and you would surprise by the result of your bathroom remodeling.

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