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Bathroom Color Ideas You’ll Love

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Are you bored with your bathroom? Is it too small, too dark or just too blah? You wish you could come up with something creative such as cabinet renewal solutions, shower improvement thoughts or maybe some bathroom mirror ideas to bring in new life. Maybe what you really need is a color infusion!

How do I choose a bathroom color?

We’ve all seen our share of bathrooms that are cream colored or a shade of pale green, and there’s nothing wrong with those. But if you want to add some personality to that often ignored room, why not try something you don’t see every day.

  • Teal is an eye-opener. It’s good as an accent and better as a background color. Even neutral colors get a fresh feel when backed by teal.
  • Magenta is not quite pink but it’s not what everyone expects, either. It’s sure to liven up the space.
  • Few colors are as bold as red. And not just a subdued red, but an assertive shade like cherry. It’s an especially delightful choice for a children’s bathroom.
  • Blue comes in more shades than you can count, and they all work together. Try a dark blue wall with light blue contrasts or vice versa.
  • Not an obvious choice, and you wouldn’t want to paint your walls black, but as a trim and accent color, it adds elegance.
  • Metallic. Not just for handles, mirrors and fixtures, it lends sophistication in trim and toweling, whether the color is silver, copper or bronze.
  • A color you already have. Maybe you like a secondary color from your shower tiles. Or extend a color from the bedroom or hallway into your bath.
  • More than one. For example, start with a neutral or two, such as a gray and/or a beige, and accent it with a vibrant green. For an even bolder statement, use two complementary bright colors.

Should I demolish my bathroom and rebuild?

Well, nobody’s stopping you, but you don’t have to go that far. There are so many smaller ways to update the color scheme. Paint the walls, and maybe use a related or contrasting color for the trim and door. Bring in matching shower curtains, towels and bath rug. And here’s something in the way of bathroom mirror ideas: add an easily installed room-brightening frame to that nondescript wall mirror. Or replace the old mirror frame with something new, either modern or traditional and in a style to match your color enhancements.

You don’t have to live with a boring bathroom! Make some easy and inexpensive changes and put some zip into a space you live with every day.




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