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Are water filters and softener combos worth it?

Water purifiers have become a basic need as of today due to the increasing impurities in the water making it unfit for drinking. They prevent harmful elements that are present in water, from entering our bodies. The main reason of using a combo of these water filter and softener is that each of them lack some feature that the other has. If you are also interested in purchasing best water softener and filter Combo :

Now let’s try to understand how they work

  • Water purifier

Water purifiers use 2 basic purification techniques. The 1st part is physical filtration it involves straining the water in order to remove large sediments of impurities using a strain segment, then the water is transferred to the next segment where they use chemical or electrical processes to clean the water.

  • Water softeners

These are used to make the water free from hardness which is caused due to the presence of minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc. How this works is easy, as the water is flown through a chamber containing sodium beads which absorb the minerals with the help of a process called ionization and replaces those minerals with sodium. 


Clean drinking water

Ofcourse, the main benefit is that you get clean and pure drinking water which will help you to avoid a lot of medical issues related to contaminated water. Drinking water is the cause of a lot of stomach related issues. Hence, drinking clean and pure water is better for your health.

Improves your cloth’s life expectancy

Hard water has a damaging effect on natural fiber clothes as it tends to dry them out and fade their color. When you are using water filter and softener combo, those minerals are eliminated which can have a better effect on your clothes as you will notice a brightness in them after some washes.

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