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All you need to know about egress windows in Canada

In Canada, there is a law for all bedroom windows which aren’t an exit which is direct to meeting the fire code requisitions. Any window which doesn’t have a sprinkler should also meet the requisitions. Bedroom windows should be able to be used as an exit in case of a fire emergency. This kind of fire code windows are often known as egress windows because they meet the requisition for the window to be used as an exit point in times of emergency. Egress window size requirements comprise of a 3.8ft in width as well as height.  

Keep your windows as per the code

The egress windows are put into law to avoid casualties occurring during fire emergency. If your windows don’t meet the regulations, you will have to get new ones installed to be up to the requirements. Window replacement cost is costlier, but you costly need to upgrade in order to enhance safety and to meet the legal regulations.

Replacement of windows which don’t meet egress requirements

If you are planning to replace current windows, then the first concern is if the current window size will meet the egress requirement or not.  If you window isn’t big enough to accommodate new windows, then don’t worry! Cut downs can be done to meet the new rules. There are several companies that offer this service, however, they should have the permit to do so.

Meet the requisitions with bedroom basement windows

When you talk about basement, you do have egress requirements for that too. The rules for basement windows are same as the ones for bedroom egress window. However, you do have some more requirements for a basement window to meet egress window requirements. For instance, your basement window should be enlarged to be of the accurate size that an egress window should be. It is not a simple job and you will have to hire a contractor to perform the task correctly.

Basement window size egress requisitions

Basement window size requisitions should comprise of the basics of a bedroom window. The window size should include some amount of clearance in front of the window as per the code.  There should be a clearance area of almost 30 inches at least. Often basements are renovated a transformed to bedrooms. So, you need to give basement bedroom windows would need similar clearance space along with the right window size.

So, all in all, egress windows size requirement in Canada isn’t tough to meet. Nowadays all new homes are already made with these requirements. Older homes may have to do a dew tweaks in order to stay updated and safe. If you are in search of a reputed and reliable company who will help you with the right egress windows and meet all the requirements, then Windows Mart is the right company to get in touch with. Contact them and feel free to discuss all your problems and they will help you out in the best possible way.

Oliver Beau Martinez: Oliver, a home security expert, provides recommendations on security systems, safety tips, and ways to make homes more secure.