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4 Things You Need to Know About a Garage Door Opener Installation 2020

Electric garage door openers are a convenient home feature to possess. But when is it time for a replacement one? And what does one got to realize getting a garage door opener installation?

Here are five of the foremost vital things to understand about garage door openers and their installation process.

1. Reasons you’ll need a replacement garage door opener installation

First of all, let’s check out some reasons why it’s going to be time to think about a garage door opener installation with a replacement unit:

  • Your garage door opener is quite 10 years old
  • Ongoing mechanical issues together with your garage door opener affect its reliability
  • Your garage door opener is just too loud
  • You have concerns about how safe your garage door opener is
  • Your garage door opener lacks the convenient features of recent garage door openers

2. Understanding the kinds of garage door openers available

Garage Living’s choice for the garage door openers we sell and install are models from industry leader Lift Master. Here’s a breakdown of the kinds of garage door openers available:

Chain drive openers – this is often probably the design most of the people would accompany a garage door opener. A chain, very similar to a chain, is attached to a trolley that runs along a rail. The trolley is attached to the motor that opens and closes the garage door.

Some modern chain drive garage door openers, like Lift Master’s Premium Series 8360 model, have DC motors that make their noise levels much quieter.

Belt drive openers – this sort of opener operates within the same manner as a sequence drive opener, with the chain replaced by a belt. Belt drive openers, like Lift Master’s Premium Series 8355 model or Elite Series 8550 model, cost slightly quite a sequence drive model, but operate more quietly.

Jackshaft openers – these openers have a strong motor that adjusts a torsion spring, which lowers and raises the garage door. Jackshaft openers are often mounted on your garage wall (which saves ceiling space) and have an ultra-quiet DC motor.

The quiet and smooth operation of jackshaft openers, like Lift Master’s Elite Series 8500 model, makes them ideal for homes with attached garages, especially ones with bedrooms above the garage.

Screw drive openers – this sort of opener is analogous to belt and chain drive models. Only a threaded steel rod is employed to maneuver the trolley. Screw drive openers tend to be considered somewhat less affectionately than the sorts above of openers, however. This is often thanks to their higher noise levels and past issues with temperature sensitivity.

3. Your garage door opener doesn’t do much of the lifting

Residential garage door openers typically have ½ or ⅓ horsepower motors. You’ll be surprised to understand that a garage door opener doesn’t do most of the opening and shutting of your garage door. The garage door’s springs handle the majority of the work.

These springs must be appropriately adjusted during your garage door opener installation. Garage doors are heavy – they’re likely your home’s most giant robot. Without the right door spring tension, your opener motor will have a way shorter lifespan.

4. Leave a garage door opener installation to the experts

Even for mechanically inclined people, a garage door opener installation should be approached with many cautions. Adjusting a garage door’s springs without expert knowledge poses the danger of significant injury.

A garage door opener installation also requires knowledge of areas like electrical wiring, knowing what proportion horsepower is needed, surely door weights, and ensuring all safety measures work correctly—our experts can lookout at all aspects of your garage door opener installation.For more information go to their website at https://bulldoggaragerepair.com/

Oliver Beau Martinez: Oliver, a home security expert, provides recommendations on security systems, safety tips, and ways to make homes more secure.