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10 Services A Maid Can Provide For You

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There is nothing more pleasant than going home and finding a clean house. With housekeepers in London, everything is tidy, and dirt and dust are missing from your home. Sweeping is not the only thing she can do, but you must take into account what can be done in a reasonable time, and according to the hours you ask him to perform. Thanks to Maid Service London, this outside help remains relatively affordable.

What Can A Cleaner Do?

·         Dust

Dust and dirt must be removed. Your housekeeper can suck and sweep. It will also clean windows, walls, furniture, carpets, and stairs. You can ask him to make beds or give a second life to your refrigerator, your freezer, your oven, your microwave, or your pots. Finally, the sinks, shower, bath, and toilet will also pass, not to mention the dishwasher that will be emptied and filled.

·         Washing and Ironing

You will find your clothes and your clothes freshly washed, ironed and stored in your closet by your Maid Service Hampstead.

·         Sewing

Does your housekeeper know how to handle wires and needles? Sewing buttons or repairing holes should not be a problem.

·         Make Small Races

On foot or by bike she will go to the bakery, the post office, the supermarket or the pharmacy. It will ensure that your cabinets or refrigerator are never empty.

·         Prepare Meals

Make soup for the rest of the week? A large pot of sauce for spaghetti that you can keep in the freezer? Have dinner ready when you come back from the office? Put or clear the table? Your cleaning lady can do it.

·         Keep The House In Perfect Condition

Water the plants in the rooms from time to time, clean and store the equipment used, sort and remove the waste.

·         Help Move A Young Child or Less Valid

Attention, it is the only question of displacements. Care is not allowed from a legal point of view.

What Is It Forbidden For Him?

There are a series of tasks that your housekeeper cannot do:

·         Climbing Ladders

Cabinets of a certain height and accessible with a step can be cleaned. If they are too high and require the use of a ladder, your housekeeper will not be able to dust them.

·         Clean Attics or Cellars

She can clean and work in living spaces. Dusty basements or basements are not part of it.

·         Work In The Garden

Mow the grass, plant new flowers, trim the hedges: you will instead call on a person with a green hand and is specialized in gardening.

·         Dangerous or Unhealthy Work

Handling toxic products, working in unhygienic surroundings, repairing electrical installations or roofs, making small renovations, painting or even cleaning feces are tasks that can not be done by a housekeeper.

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